Sunday, October 17, 2010

I'm Still Here!

Blogging and working full time is harder than I thought.
A: I don't do that many exciting things outside of work (maybe I should start a blog about not)
B: I don't have as much time to write about the things I do!!

The Block Party from my last post had turned into a sweaty house party by the time I arrived. Sam and I had gotten lost (Google Maps fail!!!) and ended up eating with the people we were meeting up with at the Oregon Diner where we had pretty bad cocktails and some grub. We called a cab and finally made it to the block party that had become only a dance party with a real DJ spinning real records. I kinda had a good time and it was nice to meet up with friend Dylan Hume.

The next weekend I spent in NYC exploring all the various ways one can consume alcohol on a tiny island. We sat in the early afternoon sun that streamed into the factory windows of the Brooklyn Brewery which was saved by the financial crisis. We then headed to Eataly, Manhattan’s one stop Italian paradise. It’s like a giant Italian food court, but better. There are several Italian restaurants, a butcher, a fishmonger, a cheesery, and much much more. They even make their own fresh Mozzarella. The best part? You can order a glass of wine at the Piazza and then casually walk around with it while you shop for ingredients for your dinner. Perfectly buzzed we had a hell of a time getting back to Brooklyn and decided the only thing wrong with Eataly is that it’s not in Brooklyn!!! Once we finally made it back with our fresh pasta etc., we spend a wonderful time cooking in my cousin’s cozy studio while drinking even more wine.

I spent the week recovering and literally went to bed before ten the entire week!

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