Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Philly Ultimate

I have done it!! I have started playing Ultimate again!! And now I can barely walk. This is no exaggeration. I have been limping for two days and taking steps one at a time. However, I had an amazing time on Tuesday night playing on the field at 38 and Filbert. I found the pick up at phillyultimate, a blog about...you guessed it! Ultimate in Philly. Check it out for updated info on pick up and other ultimate related stuff. When I can walk again, I am totally going back.

Belgium Cafe

Last Sunday my wildest dreams came true. My entire family was in Philly and it was brunch time!! Finding a new brunch place is always a little stressful with the bunch because my dad keeps kosher. That means he eats like a pescatarian when he's out with a meat eater's appetite and desire. I knew I wanted to eat in Fairmont, and while it was risky I chose The Belgian Cafe. Why risky? Because they specialize in mussels, a very non-kosher item.
We walked from our apartment and by the time we got there everyone was too hungry to care that much about the menu. My dad got the veggie burger which he said was good. The only complaint was that it was drowning in bun. In the bun versus burger battle its always good when both sides are tied, but if one has to have the upper hand I prefer it to be the burger.
Josh got the mussels and was very happy. The broth was so good he ordered extra bread to sop it up. Kenny got the Eggs Benedict which came without its ham. The waitress was very apologetic and we were even compted for his meal! My mom, sister and I all ordered the garden fresh eggs which were full of delicious garden fresh items, but overcooked and a little dry. Making up for any problems were the spicy Bloody Marie's, the amazing beer selection, and great service. To top it all off there was a table for six outside and the sun was out. Would I go back? Yes, but without my dad so I can get the mussels!!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Check out our Familia!!!

Check us out at: http://filmadelphia.org/blog. New blogging buddy La Anne interviewed me after 127 hours. Check out her post and our picture!!! Also check out her blog http://www.tinseltine.com/ for great movie reviews, restaurant critics, and festival coverage.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Filmadelphia '10

Today is sadly the last day of the Philadelphia Film Festival, but luckily the Philadelphia Film Society plays movies all year round. I got to see three movies this year and wish I could have seen many more. The movies were being shown all over Philly, but the three I saw were at the Ritz 5 on 214 Walnut located right near Penn's Landing (where there are plenty of bars nearby where you can catch a drink before and or after a movie) and the Prince Music Theater.

What I saw:

The Man From Nowhere:

Where this unsuspecting mop top goes from this:

to this:

so he can fight drug lords and save her:

The movie was action packed and brilliantly acted by Won Bin who is subtly sexy as he perfectly portrays a special agent turned pawn shop owner who is stalked by a little girl (Kim Saeron) trying to hide from the all too scary world of her stripper/heroin addicted mother. All we need now is some stolen heroin, black market organ selling, funny but well dressed bad guys, and one kidnapping to reveal Bin's ex-identity and all of his amazing fighting moves. He fights his way to the head honchos attempting to rescue Saeron, and your heart will keep racing even after the movie is over. This is a must see.

El Hombre A Lado (The Man Next Door)

This guy builds a window:

The guy on the left gets pissed that someone has the audacity to invade his privacy:

Hilarity ensues including the window guy's finger boot skits:

This Argentine black comedy was such a joy to watch I was literally slapping my knee for most of the movie (I apologize to all sitting around me). I should preface this by saying that the movie is so Argentine that anyone who has spent at least a month in Argentina will enjoy being taken back to that crazy, twisted land in this epic battle between two neighbors. If you've never been it might not be as meaningful, but it will be funny anyway. The movie begins with a split screen shot showing both sides of a wall as a sledge hammer breaks a hole in it. Peace is shattered for the affluent, snobby family next door who live in a Le Corbusier house made almost entirely of glass. In typical Argentine fashion, the two neighbors dance around the issue using the most Argentine of hand gestures and slang. Any lover of Argentine culture, or anyone who digs an excellent black comedy will regret it when the credits roll on this one.

And last but not least:

127 Hours

This crazy adventurer goes off into the wild without telling anyone where he is going:

He falls and his hand literally gets stuck between a rock and a hard place down in here:

Do I smell an Oscar? James Franco depicts Aron Rolston and his true story about the time he was stuck in a canon for 127 hours. Rolston is the type of hiker who is all about speed, and beating guide book times with his head phones on. However, he is forced to a stand still when he fatally misjudges the stability of a rock as he jumps down into a canon. Franco's desperation is played so well you can practically smell it, and Danny Boyle's directing turns a movie about a guy who is alone on a canon into captivating film. I had to turn my head away at one of the more gory parts, and the music at the end was a little cheesy if you ask me, but this is one of the best performances of the year if not the past few. When it comes out in November I would recommend catching this one on the big screen so as to take in the beauty of the landscape, and the magnitude of Franco's performance.

Real life Aron Ralston still rocks out!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Nam Phuong

Saturday night I opted out of seeing Jack Ass 3-D and instead enjoyed my new found power of the pocket and went out for dinner. Ok, so I only spend $10 but it felt nice to be able to spend it all on one meal!
Where did I get a delicious dinner for only $10 (including tip)? Why, Nam Phuong in South Philly of course!
I have very limited experience in Vietnamese food, but Nam Phuong has inspired me to explore this genre of food. We started with spring rolls that were steamed and tasty in that amazing peanut sauce that Lana and I kinda wanted to go swimming in. Then we each got a different soup. I wish I could remember the name but I had no notebook with me!! Regardless, I had order envy because I didn't end up with the rice noodles that Dov ended up with, but now I know what to get next time. We only did soup, but you can also get big dinner platters to share with a group. They have large tables and can accommodate big crowds. Also, our waiter was funny and attentive and the service is very fast.
It’s the perfect place to go on a very casual date, or the perfect place to bring a group. Splitting the check has never been easier as you pay at the register.
Nam Phuong is located at:
1100 Washington Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19147-3802
Phone number: 2154680410

700 Club

For Josh's birthday we headed to 700 Club in Northern Liberties. 700 Club is located in an old town house. Downstairs is a divey sports bar with a great selection of beer. Upstairs is a one big space half filled with old couches and half filled with a dance floor that is actually filled with dancing people. The DJ is set up in the old, now walless bathroom and the DJ stands atop a boarded up bathtub. Some people who come to 700 Club are douchey, and some can come off as pretentious, but some people there are just there to dance and have a good time and that’s why I like it. While I danced to electronic music I tried to picture myself in an Argentine boliche bursting at the seems with dancing portenos. I opened my eyes and it certainly wasn’t the same. But it was fun. And certainly a good alternative to some of the crazy bars downtown.

I have to end with a quote from 700 Club’s My Space profile:
Who I'd like to meet:
Those people that don't judge, accept everyone, like cheap beers and no cover, dance, are 21, and love dogs~

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I'm Still Here!

Blogging and working full time is harder than I thought.
A: I don't do that many exciting things outside of work (maybe I should start a blog about work...um...or not)
B: I don't have as much time to write about the things I do!!

The Block Party from my last post had turned into a sweaty house party by the time I arrived. Sam and I had gotten lost (Google Maps fail!!!) and ended up eating with the people we were meeting up with at the Oregon Diner where we had pretty bad cocktails and some grub. We called a cab and finally made it to the block party that had become only a dance party with a real DJ spinning real records. I kinda had a good time and it was nice to meet up with friend Dylan Hume.

The next weekend I spent in NYC exploring all the various ways one can consume alcohol on a tiny island. We sat in the early afternoon sun that streamed into the factory windows of the Brooklyn Brewery which was saved by the financial crisis. We then headed to Eataly, Manhattan’s one stop Italian paradise. It’s like a giant Italian food court, but better. There are several Italian restaurants, a butcher, a fishmonger, a cheesery, and much much more. They even make their own fresh Mozzarella. The best part? You can order a glass of wine at the Piazza and then casually walk around with it while you shop for ingredients for your dinner. Perfectly buzzed we had a hell of a time getting back to Brooklyn and decided the only thing wrong with Eataly is that it’s not in Brooklyn!!! Once we finally made it back with our fresh pasta etc., we spend a wonderful time cooking in my cousin’s cozy studio while drinking even more wine.

I spent the week recovering and literally went to bed before ten the entire week!