Monday, October 18, 2010

700 Club

For Josh's birthday we headed to 700 Club in Northern Liberties. 700 Club is located in an old town house. Downstairs is a divey sports bar with a great selection of beer. Upstairs is a one big space half filled with old couches and half filled with a dance floor that is actually filled with dancing people. The DJ is set up in the old, now walless bathroom and the DJ stands atop a boarded up bathtub. Some people who come to 700 Club are douchey, and some can come off as pretentious, but some people there are just there to dance and have a good time and that’s why I like it. While I danced to electronic music I tried to picture myself in an Argentine boliche bursting at the seems with dancing portenos. I opened my eyes and it certainly wasn’t the same. But it was fun. And certainly a good alternative to some of the crazy bars downtown.

I have to end with a quote from 700 Club’s My Space profile:
Who I'd like to meet:
Those people that don't judge, accept everyone, like cheap beers and no cover, dance, are 21, and love dogs~

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