Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Belgium Cafe

Last Sunday my wildest dreams came true. My entire family was in Philly and it was brunch time!! Finding a new brunch place is always a little stressful with the bunch because my dad keeps kosher. That means he eats like a pescatarian when he's out with a meat eater's appetite and desire. I knew I wanted to eat in Fairmont, and while it was risky I chose The Belgian Cafe. Why risky? Because they specialize in mussels, a very non-kosher item.
We walked from our apartment and by the time we got there everyone was too hungry to care that much about the menu. My dad got the veggie burger which he said was good. The only complaint was that it was drowning in bun. In the bun versus burger battle its always good when both sides are tied, but if one has to have the upper hand I prefer it to be the burger.
Josh got the mussels and was very happy. The broth was so good he ordered extra bread to sop it up. Kenny got the Eggs Benedict which came without its ham. The waitress was very apologetic and we were even compted for his meal! My mom, sister and I all ordered the garden fresh eggs which were full of delicious garden fresh items, but overcooked and a little dry. Making up for any problems were the spicy Bloody Marie's, the amazing beer selection, and great service. To top it all off there was a table for six outside and the sun was out. Would I go back? Yes, but without my dad so I can get the mussels!!!!

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