Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This Saturday: BLOCK PARTY

This Saturday is the Second Annual Block Party!!!! and this is where you will find me on Saturday night.

Location: 1600 Block St. Lawrence St.
Time: 2 pm-5:30 am
Who will be there: The Powder Kegs
Conversations with Enemies
The Shakes
Sex Maine Godboys
The Eeries
Strange Shapes
A Special Performance by Johny Hallady Scaring Young Children
More acts to be announced...
Well, not that I've heard of a single one of these bands, but doubtless there are those who have. More importantly, Pinatas filled with meat are promised as are Kegs and BBQ. Also, I quote "Last year was fun were guna be funner now." If the party is at all better than the invite's grammar its going to be a rager. See you there!!!

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