Friday, September 3, 2010

Moving To Philly

Ah, a new blog. Its sort of what I imagine a white Christmas morning to be like. Since I've never had a Christmas morning, I'll have to assume that this crisp, unadulterated web space is just like waking up on Christmas morning to a fresh snow fall. So much anticipation!!! So many presents to open, bars and clubs to explore. Oh wait, we aren't in BA anymore, so not sure about the club scene...but I know there are museums, parks, and parties galore to explore here in my new home: Philly.

Philly welcomed us with open, sweltering hot and sweaty arms. Our two bedroom is still sans AC unit since every time I go to buy one they are sold out, but our view of center city, and nice kitchen and very large living room are already feeling a lot like home with the help and decorating skills of Aunt Ellen. I've got a new job that I start on Tuesday, and I'm itching to start exploring as soon as I can manage to stay in Philly for a full weekend!! We'll start with the free stuff until I get my first pay check, but I hope you will come for the ride with me! The blog will be mostly exploring Philly and will be a little more (hopefully) organized than I look forward to comments!!!!! and suggestions. See you in Philly.

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