Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Flea Market Alert!!

This weekend, the Center City Flea Market will be located at 3rd and Pine.
I had the privilege to glance at the flea market while it was outside the Eastern State Penitentiary a few weekends, and wrongly assumed it would be there every Saturday. I went back two Saturdays later to find nothing. Just tons of college kids pouring into the Penitentiary for tours. I decided to do a bit of snooping and located a antique shop I remembered passing on the corner of 21st and Fairmont. The shop is closing soon (the owner is moving his store up North!) so hurry for some good deals (I still want the amazing green chairs out front!). I however, had yet to be paid (don't worry, my whining will end tomorrow) and entered only for advice. I was given a business card with the remaining Flea Market dates and the information that it only comes to Fairmont twice a year! The Flea Markets benefit charity, are massive and they are on the move. I'm going this weekend and I'm taking my mom. Unfortunately it won't be close to home, but as there are only three weekends left this year, s0 I've got to get while the getting is good. Oh, and if a Saturday happens to be rainy, then the Flea Market is held on Sunday. And if its rainy on are S.O.L!

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