Sunday, April 24, 2011

Murals in North Philly

Some of the best murals (in my most expert opinion) are located in North Philly where a lot of people do not venture on a daily basis. I however, have a few different routes that take me to work everyday that take me by some amazing murals. Here are three that I love. Unfortunatly the quality isn't amazing since I took them from my iphone while in my car on cloudy days...but work with me, ok?

this last one is my favorite, and so powerful

Mural Near Drexel's Campus and Spring Garden Bridge

I passed this lovely mural on the way home from playing Frisbee at 38th and Filbert a few weeks ago. I was riding my bike towards the Spring Garden Bridge going up 31st St and there it was. I just loved it.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pho Hoa

Last week involved a lot of Pho (pronounced Fuh, but last week we went to Pho Hao for the first time with some friends. The interior is like a sports bar themed Pho restaurant with big flat screen TVs that were playing Dancing With The Stars and Sports.

We started with some non Vietnamese drinks: Chinese beer and sake.

As pictured above, same and Josh both got the crunchy nest of noodles with various stir fried chicken and veggies instead of the baby birds you typically find in nests. The crunchy noodles softened in a sauce and were quite delicious.

However, I was not very happy with my Pho. Unlike at Pho Nam, it did not come with basil, jalapenos and sprouts. I also went for the adventurous Pho with tripe in it and I was disappointed by the chewy stringy texture that wasn't even accompanied by anything near a tasty taste. The beef in my Pho also could have been rarer.

My Pho

Dylan's Pho
okay, so I didn't love it but as you can see that didn't stop me from devouring most of it

I wouldn't run back to Pho Hoa in a hurry. There are many more Pho restaurants to try and I've already established that I love Pho Nam and will probably run back there before trying any other places without a recommendation!