Sunday, January 23, 2011

Two Door Cinema Club at The Troc

Getting back in touch with my old roommate Emily has been great for lots of reasons. The number one reason this weekend was that she invited me to see Two Door Cinema Club at Trocadero Theatre.

More familiarly known as The Troc, this venue is one of the coolest places I've been since I moved here. Its an old theatre with a beautiful balcony that is for 21+ and a dance floor below for the young at heart.

the view from above

Em and I squatting to get a view of Tokyo Police Club

Two Door Cinema Club was fun, especially considering I'd never heard the music before. This group of handsome (ok, hott), talented Irish lads rocked the stage with their sweet voices and on point percussion. Their beat was good enough to dance to but their music has more of a poppy feel that only rock from across the pond can pull off without being cheesy or too teeny boppery. The show started off a little slow but every song got better and better and when the asked the crowd if we were ready to dance (most of us already were) they kicked it up a notch. The drummer out of his seat for most of the rest of the show as he threw his whole body into each note. People around us really were going pretty crazy, singing along and all that. Suffice it to say, I happily dropped $10 for their CD and I will be listening to it on the way to work tomorrow.

Troc employee slacking off and watching Tokyo Police Club and their lead singer's very long legs

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