Thursday, December 30, 2010


I would have walked past Made You Look (2601 Pennsylvania Ave, 215-593-0075), but the big sidewalk sign caught my attention and I noticed that this giant apartment building I was walking buy contained some retail to relish. The sign said consignment and pulled me right up the handicap accessible ramp and into the shop.

very cute vintage dress from the outside of the store

just a peek at some of the amazing things being sold in this welcoming shop crammed with fun - I wish I had a place for a chandelier!

unfortunately these amazing mirror shades are not for sale, but the couch is only a little over $500 and is so soft!

frogs, and a mini chair!

something for New Year's Eve?

a shift I was sad to leave behind

owner Lucille Merchant relaxing on a couch that is just over $200

I was warmly welcomed by owners Lucille Merchant and Joan Meranze. Their store reflects their fun and sassy personalities, and is full of clothes, shoes, accessories, furniture, nick knacks, tea sets, books and more. Next time I need something for my place I will definitely head here before Ikea as the prices are about the same and the quality proven since these articles have stood the test of time and look brand new.
I could not walk away without a $30 Ralf Lauren hounds tooth blazer that I will be wearing on my first day of my new job on Monday!
And now for some (hopefully) tongue in cheek fashion blogesque photos:
Will my new blazer help the mean middle school children take me more seriously?

check out the sweet gold lining!

(I've often mocked fashion blogs for their narcissistic seeming photo shoots, but I have to admit I had way to much fun taking these pictures all by myself)

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